Extended Metaphor Poem

Austin Bobbitt
English 1-4

I might just be the average
fifteen year old athlete with
the large, broad body frame.
But sometimes I can be more
than that.
I’m not a straight A student or am I
in the top 10 percent of my class.
But I am a jacked up F250
sometimes I am impossible to
get going and don’t want to crank up.
I’m scraping the bottom of my tank for fuel
just to keep moving forward.
whenever I break down someone has
to come help get me back up.
But on a good day
my engine roars ferociously
shaking the ground as I roar
When trying to get me going
it might take a couple of cranks before
I turn over, just keep trying, and trying
and trying
This big framed fifteen year old with
the gift of being an athlete, is a
truck, a wide framed, jacked up F250


Christopher Bobbitt
100 Owens Rd.
Home: (903)-295-0336
email: [email protected]

My dream of working as manager for the best fast food place there is.

White Oak High School
2014-2015 (expected graduation year: 2018)

Cooking for me
Yard work during the summer
Summer workouts

Varsity Football

Volunteer Experience
Dream Center
Yard work

Interests/ Activities
Playing football
Dirt bikes

Cover Letter

Christopher Bobbitt
100 Owens Rd.
[email protected]

Owner of Whataburger
103 East Highway 80

Dear Mr. Manager,

As I was looking through the White Oak newspaper today, I saw a job position for manager. I am very interested in this job, I love watching people work together to serve hungry people! I’ve been searching for awhile for the right job for me and my family this is the one that suits me best!
I can contribute to your business by making the workspace more healthy, and hoping employees will want to be in my work atmosphere. If I get this job I will bring in more customers that will be very satisfied with their order.
The Tradition of Whataburger in the East Texas area goes way back. It’s always been the hangout in small towns and I would love to be apart of this historical fast food paradise.

Thank you for taking your time and reading why I would to be apart of the Whataburger tradition

Christopher Bobbitt

The Effects of Cell Phones

Christopher Bobbitt

English 1- 4

February 10th, 2015


The Effects of Cell Phones

Do you ever see someone talking to their phone like a crazy person? Well they aren’t crazy they’re just talking to Siri, The lady that talks to you and answers any question you could think of. I bet most people would’ve never thought we would get to the point where we start talking to our phones. These many neat features are probably the reason people can’t stay off their phone, they might be neat but they can be very dangerous to the point where it could possibly take someone’s life. Cell phones have become a big driving distraction and a way where people can find someone through social media.

Cell phones have become a huge problem while driving because teenagers have to respond to a text message that isn’t that important. Most people think it’s okay to talk on the phone when you’re driving but it’s not,putting myself at risk, or anyone around me or in the car with me is not okay. For example if I’m driving and texting, and I’m going down the loop and I look down at my phone for a split second, I might look back up and I just rear ended a 40,000 dollar car. Now I have to pay for it all because I had to text my friend back about who won the baseball game last night. Not only did I wreck my car, and totaled someone else’s car. I also have to pay for it all.

Not only can it be a distraction it can also be a personal GPS, where someone could find me anywhere I went. Like, If I posted someone on instagram, and I had my location services on, it would tell them exactly where I’m at, or even on twitter if I posted something it would say, “posted near White Oak.” or where ever I might be when I post something. Now a days I have to be careful when I post from my phone because it’s easier for someone to see where I’m at.

therefore cell phones can be a good way to communicate to other people but they also create big distractions and a possible chance for one of them creepy people to find you.


How Fear Affects Our Lifes

Remember when we were little kids afraid to swim in the deep end of the swimming pool? This is one stage we have all been through, fear holding us back from doing something that we found very easy as we got older. This is just one example of how fear can affect people’s lives, such as holding them back from easy activities or living in fear all of their lives.

Fear could affect someone’s life by holding them back from something they might enjoy on a daily basis. For example, a big number of people as don’t attempt backflips. Mainly because they’re in fear of not landing it, breaking their arm, or even flying off the trampoline. Once they overcome this fear they might say it’s easy or they shouldn’t have been scared to do it. Accomplishing your fears is usually how most people overcome these fears.

Some people live in constant fear. Always expecting the worse at any moment, anytime, and anywhere. This can hold people back from doing exciting activities they might enjoy later on in life. For example, a large number of people are afraid to ride roller coasters because they feel like if they get on it might break down, get stuck, or the whole ride clasp. They just don’t like the idea of something of that nature happening.

therefore, being scared to go to the deep end of the swimming pool, or getting on a stomach twisting roller coaster, fear comes in all different types. Some physical fears and some mentally.


High School Dropouts


Christopher Bobbitt

English 1- 4

April 10th, 2015


High School Dropouts


For most people high school can be a walk through the park;however for other people the four walls of a classroom is a prison cell. Even though high school is a stepping stone in a student’s academic career, most students don’t see it as a window of opportunity for success. Most Students scrape the bottom of their class ranking and skim by with just enough credits. In today’s high schools a high percentage of students drop out from lack of effort or domestic conflict.

Students dropping out of high school can be caused by lack of effort. These students drop out because they don’t turn in their work, they don’t show up to class, or they just don’t pay attention. For example, a student from Omaha High school walks through the stainless steel frame doors. This student doesn’t come to school to soak in information he goes to school because he has to. They look at a classroom like a torture room, feeling their brains with “knowledge they will never need,” In addition, These students feel like they can be successful without a high school diploma. Not knowing most adults took the same route. Never getting their high school diploma. These students had the impression that maybe life would be easier without a steady and high school education. These students at the time didn’t see the importance of a high school education.

Another reason students end their journey to success is because of domestic conflict. Some students might have to keep a job, have a baby, or get into trouble by the law. For example, a student from White Oak misses a big portion of school due to having a job. He has to provide for his family and make sure they have food on the table. In addition, he believes that his education becomes less important due to him having to feed and support his family.

Therefore, I believe the prison walls of a high school can be a difficult road to go down when you lack effort and get picked on every day but once it is all said and done the success that comes


Nutrient Facts


10 Sources of Fiber
2.)Brown Rice
4.)Bran Cereal
800 × 600 – dominickcuratolamd.com

10.)Whole Grains

500 × 334 – cathe.com

2- eggs
4- olive oil
5-nut butter
6-fatty fish
9-ground flaxseed

290 × 251 – womensdietnetwork.com


1 – Fatty beefs
2 – Lamb
3 – Pork
4 – Poultry with skin
5 – Beef Fat (Tallow)
6 – Lard (Pig fat) and cream (Higher-butterfat layer skimmed off the top of milk)
7 – Butter
8 – Cheese (other dairy products made from whole or reduced fat 2 percent milk)
9 – Fried foods
10 – Some plant based oils (palm oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil)

301 × 322 – pilladvised.com

1. fish
6.milk products
8.red meat
http://www.healthaliciousness.com/articles/foods-high-in-vitamin-B12.php Kaytlynn Johnson
580 × 326 – mindadvanced.com

All Nutrients In Broccoli*
568 × 346 – slate.com

1.205 percent of the RDA of vitamin C
2.190 percent of the RDA of vitamin k
3.46 percent of the RDA of vitamin a
4.24 percent of the RDA of folate
5.19 percent of the RDA of dietary fiber
6.17 percent of RDA of manganese
7.15 percent of RDA of calcium http://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/nutrition/healthy-eating/the-nutrition-of-broccoli.html#b (MATTHEW W, WILLIAM B, DILLON C)

10 Sources of Protein:
1. Turkey breast and chicken breast
2. Fish (tuna, salmon, halibut)
3. Cheese (non-fat mozzarella)
4. Pork loin
5. Lean beef and veal
6. Tofu
7..Beans (mature soybeans)
8. Eggs (egg whites)
9. Yogurt, milk, and soymilk
10. Nuts and seeds (pumpkin, squash, watermelon seeds, peanuts, and almonds


10 Sources of B12
1. shellfish (cooked clam)
2. liver (beef)
3. fish (mackerel)
4. crustaceans (crab)
5. fortified soy products (silken tofu)
6. fortified cereal (all bran)
7. red meat (beef)
8. low fat dairy (skim milk)
9. cheese (swiss)
10. eggs (chickens)